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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chile Favorites, Part 1

I am finally ready to share my favorite photos from our trip to Chile!

This is where it all began, waiting at the Charlotte Douglas International
Airport, for what would be a Charlotte - Dallas and Dallas-Santiago de Chile
trip. It was an overnight trip, thankfully, which meant we got *some* sleep
on the flight. We left Charlotte at 3pm on a Friday and arrived
at Santiago de Chile on Saturday morning, 9am.

This is Herman, my brother-in-law, explaining the exchange rate
for Chilean Pesos versus American Dollars. I did my share of asking
Herman "y cuanto es esto en dolares" - so much so that he
actually had a dream in Chile where I was asking him the
same thing "so how much is this in US dollars?"!

After we arrived at Sandra's house, and semi-unpacked our stuff,
it was already time for lunch, so off we went to a very
cool sushi place. I shot the table while we
were waiting for food.

This is La Moneda, the Chilean equivalent the White House.

I love the simplicity of this photograph.
We walked around Santiago one day and walked into one
of several churches. This particular church had a courtyard and
this nice arrangement of plants.
I get a sense of peace while looking at this image.
It's very Zen.

Now this is one very cool leather couch. A very cool RED leather couch.
I shot this in what used to be a train station, and has now been
converted into an art gallery space and reception hall.


This is Bella Vista, a section of Santiago de Chile that is very artsy.
There are a large number of walls that are painted as the one below.
In this district is one of the many homes of the amazing poet Pablo Neruda.

Herman's guidebook for Chile.
Ah yes. Sandra and Renee took us to the Chilean coast, where
we visited Valparaiso and Vina del Mar.
All day - we drove up and down the coast - and stopped for lunch
at this restaurant that's been in business since 1968.
They served some of THE BEST empanadas I have ever had.


Did I mention they were HUGE?


So there you go. Part 1 of my Chile trip highlights.
Hope you have enjoyed reading and seeing these images as
much as I have putting this entry together!


Cheyenne Schultz

Great work, girl!!


Me encantan!! Mi favorita es la primera!! Pero la verdad que todas estan cheveres!!


Preciosas!! Bella Vista se ve aún más bella. Confieso que sigo un poco confundida con la conversión a dólares :-)


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