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Hola! Hello! Bonjour! Szerbus! Ciao! My name is Catalina and I'm a freelance photogrher based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Hola! Me llamo Catalina y son una fotografa en Charlotte, Carolina del Norte. Although a straight-A student in high school, I loathed and somehow managed to skip Physics in order to print in the dark room. Now, with the passing of each day, I am more and more passionate about photography and the moments I can capture through my lens - abstract or otherwise. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


This past week, I spent 3 days in Raleigh, NC at the Touch of Color Photography Studio, attending an "Almost Alone with David Williams" seminar and let me tell you - I am SO INSPIRED!!!!

David Williams is a world-renowned Australian wedding and portrait photographer, and for 3 days, a small group of 13 of us were shown hundreds of prints, ideas and ways to photograph brides, grooms (who, BTW "are not the ultimate bride's accessory" as David Williams likes to say), groups, children and young adults.

We had a chance to go to a church and see David take photos of groups with various lighting. Also, before class and at lunchtime, we had a chance to photograph each other if we wished.

I am an avid note taker and in 3 days, I filled up an ENTIRE legal notepad. THAT'S how much information he gave and how much I plan on transcribe, study and apply to my work from this point forward.

Here are some images I took, taking some of David's suggestions into action - these were some of the other attendees of this course.

the fabulous, funny David Williams

Aaron, who let me try his kick-ass 85mm f 1.2 lens - which totally rocks!

the BEAUTIFUL Denise, who flew all the way down from New York to take the course!

my friend Jason Miczek - a rockin' photographer!

Neil, Raleigh-area photographer who does it all!

sweet Amber, who has a GORGEOUS pair of green eyes

and yours truly, photograph taken by Jason

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


CarlotanRock and Charlotte's growing Latin Rock movement went NATIONAL just a few minutes ago with a report on "All Things Considered" on NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO!!!!!!

TO HEAR THE INTERVIEW! (click on "Listen Now" icon!)


Today Wednesday, September 17th, Charlotte’s Latin Rock movement made its NATIONAL debut on National Public Radio as the popular show “All Things Considered” with a report focusing on the Charlotte’s Latin Rock movement - fueled by independent acts such as Eva Fina, Bakalao Stars, Dorian Gris, Baco, Sin Recursos, among others- as well as Carlotan Rock, the region’s only annual music festival dedicated to Latin Rock.

“All Things Considered” airs in Charlotte on WFAE 90.7 FM and Felix's report aired at 5:45pm.

In its 5th year of production, Carlotan Rock 2008 was held on Friday August 1st at Skandalos, and National Public Radio reporter Felix Contreras, based in Washington DC, came to interview various Latin Rock bands including Eva Fina and Bakalao Stars, local Latin Rock journalists Courtney DeVores and Mark Kemp, as well as Carlotan Rock Production founders Juan Miguel Marin, Herman Marin and Tony Arreaza.

Charlotte listeners can tune into 90.7FM on their radio dial, or listen on the Internet http://www.wfae.org/wfae/index.cfm and click on “Listen Live” on the upper right hand corner of the home page.

For all others, check your local listing for “All Things Considered” by visiting www.npr.org

Click here to read and hear several NPRs interview about CarlotanRock and the Latin Rock movement in Charlotte!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catherine & Greg - The Wedding!

A few month's back I took Catherine & Greg's engagement photos and yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing their wonderful wedding day. Small world factoid - Minister Heather Casselberry, who married Catherine & Greg at the charming St. Ann's Church was the person who married my husband and I almost three years ago!

I wanted to post some of my favorite shots thus far. More to come later!




Thursday, September 11, 2008

Best of Charlotte Photos!

Here we go!
Be sure to pick up this week's issue of Creative Loafing - this is the Best of Charlotte Issue - the year's biggest and best issue. Below are my photos for the cover section and for each of the 6 categories that readers and staff vote on each year:

here's the cover for the Best of Charlotte section:

and here are the 6 categories:







Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Creative Loafing - Best of Charlotte!

For now, i'll just post a link, but I am THRILLED to share and post my Best of Charlotte Issue Cover Shot and Section Shots.
This was my 4th year shooting the "theme" shots and winner shots - and in year's past, we've used models and all sorts of locations and props.
This year, however, we did not have a theme and along with Carlton Hargro, Editor Extraordinaire of Creative Loafing, we decided to do a more abstract (except for the BOC cover) collage of items that represent each category.
For the time being, here's a link to see my work:
I will be posting the section covers here later tonight. Feedback is always welcomed!


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