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Monday, August 4, 2008

CarlotanRock 2008

I love telling people that my husband Juan is a graphic designer by day, and rock star by night.

Five years ago, Juan, along with his brother Herman and good friend Tony, the dynamic trio launched Carlotan Rock Productions, a company whose goal is to bring awesome live Latin music to Charlotte - and so, for the past 5 years, they have done just that through numerous concerts, including the annual Carlotan Rock Festival.

The event was a COMPLETE success, with a jammed-pack audience dancing and listening to 6 talented regional Latin Rock bands!!!


Juan designed the CarlotanRock 2008 logo, and matching t-shirts and posters are available for $15 and $10 respectively.

The 5th Annual Carlotan Rock Festival took place this past Friday, August 1st at Skandalo's and the event featured 6 local bands, including Juan's band, Eva Fina.

One of the evening's highlights was having NPR's (National Public Radio) Felix Contreras drive down from DC to document Carlotan Rock for a segment on All Things Considered - a NATIONALLY BROADCAST show. Once I have that date, I will blog all about it :)

Can you say "WOW"??!!!!!!!!!!

from left to right - Tony (Eva Fina), Razpa guitar player, Felix Contreras and my husband Juan Marin (Eva Fina)

the evening's schedule

Juan (Eva Fina) getting ready - they were the first act of the night

Eva Fina shoes. Notice Juan's golden shoes - I blogged about them a few days ago :)

from Charlotte - Eva Fina

my rock-star husband Juan

pictured here is Sin Recursos' bass player. The way he moved and jammed, you would have never believed he had fallen ill and had been hospitalized just 2 days prior to the event! Amazing, amazing guy!

from Charlotte - Dorian Gris

from Chapel Hill - Razpa

from Winston-Salem - Baco

and last, but not least, the always entertaining and always wardrobe-changing crazy Ska/Rock band from Charlotte - Bakalao Stars

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the ever-growing Latin Rock movement in the Carolinas.

Please keep attending Carlotan Rock's shows, tell your friends and let's all together help grow this awesome musical movement!




Me encantaron las fotos y estoy contentisima de que el evento fue todo un exito. Felicitaciones a Juan Miguel!

I loved the photos and I'm thrilled that the event was such a success. Congratulations to Juan Miguel.



That show looked ROCKIN'! I can't believe you guys are making it on NPR! I can't wait to hear the piece...you're big-time now. :) Caty, mad props on the photos, they really captured the beauty and rawness of a kickass music festival. Sorry we missed this year, we will totally be there next year!

Sam + Jon


The dimension on the picture where Juan is looking on the mirror is incredible. Only your talent can capture all of it!!
There is nothing greater than watching someone like you: "You do what you LOVE and you LOVE what you do".
Keep it up Caty!! your future has no limits!


Charles Curly

Me encantan las fotos, sobretodo la Dorian Gris ... je je je, love the colors!!!


thank you Sam!!!
you guys MUST GO next year!!!


gracias por tu feedback!!!!
y de antemano, gracias por compartir mi blog con tus contactos!!!


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